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November 27, 2016
by Laura

5 “Tourist” Mistakes In Lisbon

pisaIn the ranking of popular tourist destinations in Europe, Lisbon is very far from Paris or Berlin. And even those who have not been in those cities know much more about the capital of France and Germany, then about Lisbon. My friend who worked at Mortgage New Braunfels told me that Many tourists risk spoiling their holiday by making the common mistakes.

Storm the public transport

In many cities, bus arrival at rush hours reminds the siege of an embattled city. Passengers push each other and try to enter the cabin to take a free place. In Lisbon, such manifestation of fighter’s nature is at least inappropriate, and you can learn many unpleasant words in Portuguese. Here, passengers at bus stops are lining up, and the place occupied by those who have come before others.

The river and the ocean

Lisbon is standing on the spot, where the river Tagus flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The Tagus is a wide river, and tourists walking along the center of the city and once on the waterfront, think that went out to the ocean and make photos. In fact, you need to have a ride to the ocean. It is possible to see the place, where the Tagus flows into the ocean, on the way to Cascais, after the Belem Tower. It is useless to seek an ocean in the center of Lisbon.

Hoping to have dinner before 8 pm

While most Europeans are accustomed to having dinner after work, no later than 8 pm, the Portuguese have other eating habits. Restaurants in Lisbon are closed in the afternoon and before 8 pm. When you are waiting for the order in a restaurant, the waiter can bring you a basket of bread, a dish of olives, or other snacks. In many Portuguese cities, they will be free, as spices or sugar. In Lisbon, you will have to pay 2-3 euros for them. If you are not willing to pay, ask the waiter to take them back.

Tempt fate in criminal areas

Although Lisbon is not the crime capital of Europe, it is worth to behave cautiously. It is necessary to follow some general rules as for any big city: don’t bring original documents, don’t put wallets and valuables in the back pockets, hold your bags firmly, and don’t go to dangerous areas. In particular, at any time of day or night avoid the Chelas area, be careful in Casal Ventoso, and don’t walk in the Parque Eduardo VII and Monsanto at night.

Plan a visit in August

Choosing the last month of summer for a trip to Lisbon is a good idea only for those who are not afraid of the high prices of hotels, unbearable heat, and a lot of closed shops as the owners and employees usually have a vacation in August. Spring and autumn months are considered the best time to visit Lisbon. The weather is pleasant as well as the prices on accommodation and on various products.

September 12, 2016
by Laura


8fe60bdb6eI have heard a lot about the Nighlife in Vegas. I never visited Las Vegas though but luckily i met a person at Circle N Maze which is the largest Corn Maze in San Antonio.who was basically from Las Vegas. He was telling me that Nightlife patrons in Las Vegas are a diverse mix of folks—from locals, to visitors from other states, to those from other countries. Vegas nightlife spots frequently appear in magazines, newspapers, TV shows and movies, spotlighting celebrities or regular folks partying or hanging out. Clubs regularly host pool parties, bachelorette parties, themed celebrations and other late-night revelry. Many Las Vegas clubs strictly enforce a dress code, so you should check in advance.

Sin City, America’s Playground, the Entertainment Capital of the World – all worthy names for this Nevada hotspot. Think of Vegas as a theme park rather than a city — it can awe as much as it can overwhelm, and that’s part of the appeal. This is a city where inhibitions are not welcome: Every night, Las Vegas draws pleasuremongers to the brightly lit Strip like moths to a flame. While you may not want to go as far as to re-enact “The Hangover,” you certainly don’t want to leave without experiencing a bit of “Viva Las Vegas.” Just remember: What happens here, stays here.

But gone are the days when Sin City appealed only to bachelors and brutes. Today, Las Vegas as a destination is just as malleable as it is ostentatious in that you can mold it into any type of vacation you like. You can opt for the traditional high-roller getaway complete with all-nighters at the blackjack table or PURE Nightclub. Or you can take a different approach to Sin City and indulge in its luxury spas, high-end shopping and gourmet restaurants.

Las Vegas also makes a great jumping-off point for outdoor activities, such as hiking in Red Rock Canyon or visiting the Hoover Dam. And though you may not believe it, this city even has attractions for kids: Underage travelers will get a kick out of a Cirque du Soleil performance, the Bellagio Fountain show and the Neon Museum.

August 8, 2015
by Laura

A Traveler’s Wealth

Some people may think that traveling may be just about exploring, taking pictures, killing time and most of all, spending money.  But looking at it deeper would give a person so much to benefit from. A person who travels has an opportunity to disconnect himself or herself from the regularity of his or her life. It can be an avenue for one to relax and unwind, and to free oneself from the stress he or she is faced with. Aside from these, it can also be a path to discovering things about the self and breaking out of one’s comfort zone.

travelingTraveling entails an array of advantages as it would pave the way for a better person. One gets to explore different places, meet new people and most especially be able to learn from these new acquaintances about their culture, food, and language. Having the chance to experience other cultures would be an amazing thing and that one could also be open to shifting perspectives on things. By trying out new things, tasting a variety of food, meeting new people and creating memories with them, the person himself or herself is able to gain invaluable experiences. One’s knowledge is increased and perspective is at the same time widened. The more one experiences things, the more he or she develops resourcefulness.

It also teaches the person to be thrifty most especially when the travel budget is really tight. Traveling teaches one to be able to plan things, to be organized and definitely sharpens the mind. This is because the traveler is the one who chooses where, when and how to travel. The bottom line of traveling is to be able to enjoy and learn at the same time. Because as they say, “experience is the best teacher”. Make every moment count. Says my buddy over at New Braunfels Water Softener

October 26, 2015
by Laura

Kutch continued…

Koteshwar Temple

This is highly revered and spiritual place in Kutch located about 215 km from Bhuj. Before reaching the temple, you will have to pass through various deep deserts. The Hindus hold great significance to the place.

Aaina Mahal

This is an interesting and amazing palace located in Bhuj close to the beautiful Hamirsar Lake. The structure is of an old 18th century with refined architectural place existed in medieval times. Aaina Mahal has been renamed Hall of mirrors but literally known as a palace built of many mirrors and gilded ornaments together with the other elements. With the modern technology, the palace has been converted to a museum that offers detailed information historically about the place.


This is located about 250 km from Bhuj which is the capital of Kutch. The site is full of archaeological significance and as detected in 1967. It belongs to  Harappan era but in short, it is a home to interesting tourists and unique sight attraction spot with large number of backpackers from far and near.


October 26, 2015
by Laura



Kutch is known to be an interesting destination you will always love to visit anytime you are on vacation. It is one amongst the largest districts in India and located under the province of Gujarat State. Basically, it has a salty marshland full of vegetation with its rustic landscapes that are marked with some villages and few townships. The name Kutch, was called and written as Kachchh because of the geographical location. In Sanskrit, Kachchh, it means tortoise and the amazing part of it is that it takes the shape of a tortoise. In addition, the name shows that it is something that used to alternate wetness and dryness at intervals. Another thing that is similar to it is a big side of the district that is submerges in water due to the rainfall in the rainy season. Then it becomes dry in the other seasons. This large area of the district is known as Rann of Kutch.

Ran of Kutch

Ran of Kutch is a wildlife sanctuary which is very crucial to the India government and forest department. What are bewitching the tourists towards this place are the ancient temples, rugged forts, rich wildlife, unique local handicrafts, migratory bird, and flamingos, exquisite garments flooded with embroidery and mirror work coupled with salty flats which turn snow white in post monsoon season. Without doubt, I can boldly say that it is the best destination where one can spend holiday and have lifetime experience. Some other popular sight attractions include:


August 22, 2015
by Laura

How Often Should a Person Travel

Traveling is the world’s best stress reliever. It can take your mind off the things that you want to forget or escape for a while. Going to an entirely different place refreshes your mind so it helps you think better. It gives you a different perspective on a lot of things and is a great way to break a routine.

The frequency of your travels depends on a few things. One of these things, of course, is your budget. Traveling is not cheap, most of the time it is quite expensive. San Antonio, Austin, or Dallas… Youre gonna spend some bucks on stuff.  This means that if your budget is tight, then that’s less traveling for you. It is not necessary though that you should forget traveling altogether if your budget is tight. Give or take, a once a year travel would be good enough — something to look forward to every year. Another is time. How often can you leave your work? Well, some bring their work to their vacation, but that defeat the purpose somehow. How often can you leave your family to travel, if you prefer traveling solo?

travelIt is best if you can allot money and time for travel. Ideally, a person can travel as often as once a month if the destination is not too far which would also mean less time and money are needed. For out of the country travels, maybe thrice a year would be perfect.

On the other hand, if these constraints are not present in your life, if you have the money and the time to travel, please, by all means, do so as often as you want. One can never travel too much. Immerse yourself in different culture, learn different dialects, witness the beauty of different places – all these things are priceless. Travel as often as you want.

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August 15, 2015
by Laura

Expectancy of Travel

Traveling can be considered as one of the most luxurious things a person can do in his or her lifetime. But never be deceived, as one can travel without a very big amount of money on-hand. Upon hearing the world travel, people have the tendency to assume immediately that one is going overseas or even staying at the most expensive hotels. However, this may not be true every time.

When people say travel, it would also include the tiniest minor trip one would engage in. The usual trend in traveling is that one would be starting from the place he or she hails from, or the nearest point then to the farthest point.

short vacationIn deciding to go on a trip or even just a short vacation, do people expect things? Yes, they do. It may not be in a very obvious manner, but there are definitely expectations underlying. For example, travelers expect the best of where they are going. People expect to experience the different sights, to taste the food, to observe the culture and to enjoy mostly. By way of travel, people expect to be able to gain more about the world to be able to understand one another. To be able to learn about the way of life in a certain place, and the people who live there.

Appreciation of the moment and place is definitely not a question. One of the important reasons why people travel is to appreciate the beauty of the destination they are heading to, and most importantly, to be able to relax themselves completely. At first, it may be a somehow stressful in planning where to go and the budget, but one would then realize that it will be more than worth it, as the experience will be the one that matters completely.